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Which option should I use?  Upload an Excel file or Easy-to-use tool?

This depends on how regularly you use the site and/or how many items you have to submit.

We recommend that if you have less than 5 items, you can use our easy-to-use tool.  It’s quick, easy and convenient and the site will guide you through the process.

If you have more than 5 items or you are likely to be booking-in devices on a regular basis, uploading an Excel file will be much more convenient.  There are only 3 fields to enter, including the make, model and IMEI of the device and this method can be integrated with your own record keeping processes.

How long will my repair take?

Repairs normally take less than 3 working days.  However if we need to order parts in for the repair, it may take up to 3 days longer.

You will be able to track the status of your repair when you log into your account and we will send you e-mails along the way so you will always be informed.

What do all the different status’s mean?

Here is a list of all the different status’s:

Pending: We have not yet received your device.
Received: Your device has been received.
In repair: Your device is with one of our engineers.
Awaiting parts: The parts required in order to carry out the repair are out of stock. We have ordered them and are awaiting delivery.
Awaiting manufacturer: Sometimes, in order to fix a device, we require information or software from the manufacturer. Once we have this, we will continue with the repair.
Sent to specialist department: Your device has been sent to a specialist repair department. This may take up to 5 working days.
Awaiting customer response: We have sent you a message and are waiting for your response.
Quote declined, awaiting payment: You do not wish to go ahead with the repair. Please make payment of the admin fee and your device will be returned to you.
Return without repair, awaiting payment: We were unable to carry out the repair for various reasons.  Please check your e-mail for further information. Your device will be returned to you once payment of the admin fee has been made.
Repaired, awaiting payment: Repair to your device is complete. Once payment has been made, we will despatch your device to you.
Repaired, ready to dispatch: Your device has been repaired and is ready to dispatch.
Payment received, ready to dispatch: Payment has been received, your device is ready to despatch.
Dispatched: Your device is on its way back to you!

Why does my status say “awaiting customer response”

Sometimes, we may need to ask you a question in order to progress the repair process.  For example, it may be that your device is out-of-warranty and so there will be a cost incurred for the repair and we simply want to check that it’s ok with you before we go ahead.

In this case, please check your mail and respond to us in order to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Why has my device been sent to a “specialist repair department”?

Some repairs require specialist equipment and skills which are located at a different site.  There are only a few of these sites in the UK.  So, in order to fix the fault, the item has to be sent away.  This normally takes up to 5 working days, including transportation times.

How do I cancel my order?

If you make a mistake, do not worry.  Continue and submit the right order.  You will still see the incorrect items in your current / recent orders, however the item will remain as pending.  After a month, these will be removed automatically.

Why can I not remove incorrect items from my current / recent orders?

This is to ensure that items are not removed accidentally.  If the item is removed from your account in error and the handset arrives at our facility, we will have no way of knowing who it came from.

Why am I being charged a £10 administration fee?

The £10 fee is to cover the time and resources taken in the processing of your order, including postage costs.